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Nevada Drone Laws

The following are the drone-related laws and regulations for the state of Nevada, as well as any ordinances or bylaws that have been enacted by cities or towns within the state.

Current Laws

Current Laws consist of pieces of legislation that have been passed and signed into law.

AB11 - Critical Facilities

Effective May 2017

Expands existing “critical infrastructure” definitions to include transmission lines owned, operated, or maintained by the Colorado River Commission of Nevada.

AB239 - Range of Drone Regulations

Effective 2015
  • Revises legal definition of “aircraft” to include drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Prohibits weaponization of drones.
  • Makes it illegal to fly within 500 feet of a “critical facility”, including but not limited to: oil & gas facilities, pipelines, water treatment facilities, power plants, or correctional facilities.
  • Cannot fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport without authorization.
  • Cannot fly under 250 feet over private property without consent.
  • places limits on law enforcement use of drones.

Pending Laws

Pending Laws consist of pieces of legislation that have been publicly introduced or debated, but not signed into law.

SB116 - Aerial Trespassing

Includes provision for trespassing with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

SB234 - Law Enforcement

Would allow law enforcement officials to seize and impound drones as evidence under certain conditions.

SB280 - Law Enforcement

Would provide law enforcement with the authority to seize drones as evidence under certain circumstances.

Other Notes

Other Notes regarding the usage of drones in the state of Nevada.

No Laws

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Restricted Airspace Map

The map below shows airspace is that is prohibited, restricted, or cautionary for drone flight. Click on a specific area for further details, including contact information for local air control towers. This map contains data from the FAA and may not fully reflect the local laws listed above.

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